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Kinetic Flow
Program + Artist Bio's 

“Revelation: A Journey into the Space”

By: Darrel "Friidom" Dunn



Darrel "Friidom" Dunn is a multidisciplinary artist who merges movement, storytelling, and philosophy to create immersive worlds of expression. Drawing on his diverse heritage and upbringing in Dallas, Friidom has developed a unique style of movement called "Epiic", which combines elements of Krump, street styles, and the gestures of the orchestral conductor. He performs his Epiic movement to film scores, orchestral music, and soundscapes, transporting his audiences into various cinematic perspectives and challenging them to find the true artist within themselves. His influences include the Willy Wonka's of this world, whom he aspires to emulate as a Willy Wonka of Movement.


"Tech Harmony: The Dance of Humans and Algorithms"

By: James Jimenez aka Animated J


James Jimenez, known as Animated J in the street dance world. With 14 years of dedication to the art, hailing from Allentown, Pennsylvania, he's performed on many stages, including a performance at the prestigious San Francisco Hip-Hop Dance Festival and a commercial appearance for MetaQuest VR Headset. James also made it to the Top 100 in Season 16 of 'So You Think You Can Dance.' Beyond the stage, he's an advocate for mental health, who leads workshops in partnership with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. To foster unity and creativity, James hosts 'Creatives Unite' parties every other month, creating spaces for the dance community to connect on a deeper level. When he's not dancing, James works as a behavior therapist, making a difference in the lives of children diagnosed with autism, and serves as a docent for Chromasonic.



By: Enom 


Enom Clayton, also known as “Wulfgang” is originally from New Haven, Connecticut. His style is centered around a liberating state he calls “JoyBoy”. Inspired by his late Uncle’s Broadway journey from Replacing Tae Diggs in Rent to playing Mufasa in the Lion King. He Trained in Dance styles such as: Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop & African, as well as Gymnastics. He followed dance to Dallas, Texas where his experience grew from learning the community & foundations of Krump, to Coaching & Competing at the USASF Dance Worlds Competitive level in Orlando, FL from ‘2016 to ‘2018, earning 2 Gold medals as a Choreographer and 1 as Dancer Athlete. 

The state he refers to as “JoyBoy” is a mindset as well as a feeling of healing and freedom while dancing. Drums are said to boost the  immune system and promote physical healing. The Caribbean spirit of the drum “JoyBoy” was said to be a freeing figure that brought liberation. To put it simple, dancing in a way that heals and ushers a feeling of freedom.


"Reconnecting to the Body"

By: Alyse Rockett, Cassandra Tsolis, Victoria Ayad


Alyse Rockett is a dancer and director based in Los Angeles. She is a native of Long Beach, California where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from California State University of Long Beach. Since then she has worked and toured with artists such Kali Uchis, Kanye West, Solange Knowles, Common, Alina Baraz, and more. Alyse has also had the pleasure of working with many amazing directors and choreographers including Savanah Leaf, Teresa Toogie Barcelo, Lindsey & Craig, Mandy Moore, Jacob Jonas, and more. As a director she has released a range of collaborative and personal work. Alyse’s current goals are to continue to collaborate, tour, and create work that is authentic, thought provoking, and inspiring.


Victoria Ayad is a multimedia artist, dancer, and producer. With two arts degrees, she expresses herself through many mediums including sculpture, painting, and design. She has worked in Los Angeles for the past twelve years in the arts, entertainment, and events industries, assisting artists, businesses, and producing events. Part of her mission is to create opportunities for connection within community, and cultivate spaces for career growth and holistic healing for artists. As a movement artist, over the last five years, Victoria focused training primarily in street dance styles, developing a growing passion for sharing the authenticity and rich history that has changed her perspective on dance and the importance of individual expression. After years of focusing on developing other artistic skills and training in street styles, this is victoria’s first collaborative and choreographic work she is presenting to the public since 2017, with a goal to inspire and bring self reflection. 


Cassandra, originating from the Bay Area, is a movement artist who utilizes mindfulness, therapeutic tools and storytelling in her approach to movement. Drawing from various street styles and primarily Krump, a new direction emerged for her as she engaged in learning her own story from her body’s perspective. With a degree in Psychology and a certification in Social Emotional Arts, she has cultivated Echo Movement, a session for creatives to listen and partner with the wisdom of their body through facilitated movement prompts, partner work, self reflection and more. Presently, Cassandra utilizes her philosophy and her sessions to reach the Los Angeles community through her personal work and partnering organizations such as Universoul Hip Hop and RUR Worldwide Alliance.



By: Leonardo Flores aka “Inner-G” and 

Aubrey Mamaid aka “Siga”


Leonardo Flores aka “Inner-G” is a Los Angeles native born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. He is a graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles where he earned a B.A. in History and Dance. He is a teaching artist with VS:P•E•C where he has taught at numerous LAUSD schools and Juvenile halls. Leo stresses the importance of cultural integrity and technique in Street Dance, always emphasizing an eye to the past to inform the developing culture of Street Dance.

Aubrey Mamaid aka “Siga” was born and raised in the Philippines, and moved to Los Angeles, California in 2015. She completed her B.A. in Dance, B.A. in Asian American Studies, with a minor in Public Affairs at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently a Special Projects Associate for Versa-Style Dance Company, focusing on fundraising and development through grant writing and donor relations. As a Teaching Artist, Administrator, and Street Dance Practitioner, Aubrey advocates to make Street Dance culturally accessible for the youth. 



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