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My studio art practice has developed through my examination of the relationship between the body and ideas of place, the natural landscape, and the built environment.


I am interested in how movement, the body, and form can translate the experiences of lived space to aid our understanding of communities, landscapes, and the larger world.


Movement, line, and time all play an important role in my work, in which I like to examine and use as tools through my process of production with a variety of mediums. Whether in large scale sculptural work made of wire that have spaces for viewers to walk through, or a drawing made while traveling that maps the journey in a frenetic line, movement informs the spatial and bodily relationship between me and my surroundings influencing my art making process.

Emphasis on process and making art as experimentation, as an ongoing discovery has been a magnified part of my developing practice. The process of transformation, decision making, and creating by the flow of spirit combines with preconceived knowledge, shaping the end result in my work. Having studied both commercial and fine art my style of creating comes from a fusion of the two. I use formal elements of design combined with inspiration from nature, daily life, and present cultural constructs to create my work.

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